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Scale is what we're about

After trying to setup our rigs with scale accessories we realized how difficult that actually was.  Why?  Because nobody sticks to 1/10 scale so your toolbox is too small, cooler too big, etc.  We are true 1/10 scale for all our items.


Count on Our Expertise

We love crawling and scale.  From Axial and Traxxas, to Redcat and Tamiya.  We're here to help you make your rc rock crawler look GOOD.  ORIGINAL designs for our accessories so you can stand out from all the other  hobby shop parts..


High Quality Prints

Have you been let down by low quality 3D printed items?  We were.  So what did we do?  All of our items are printed with premium filaments and high resolutions.  If we wouldn't want the part we don't send it out.  Quality is a top priority for us.

We print at higher resolutions and use top notch filament to ensure a QUALITY PRODUCT.

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